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Costa Rica and comfort zones

Dancer's Pose at Samasati in Costa Rica

Our recent trip to Costa Rica stretched me outside of my comfort zone on so many levels~flying always challenges my ability to keep my thoughts balanced as the earth as my foundation is my comfort zone but this trip, I traveled 'well' in both commercial and much smaller planes and actually found myself enjoying the views far below me. I made space for the very large spiders and poisonous dart frogs and snakes and latching over sized grasshoppers that were pervasive in the jungle. I practiced yoga every day at dawn and dusk and danced my head off and cried at the joy and exhilaration of Stephanie's (Samasati's lovely yoga instructor) moving and challenging yoga classes and gave up meat for the week which actually felt great and not a challenge in the least. And on the other side of these challenges, I feel the healthy internal space these challenges have created, feeling better equipped and with a little more strength and balance to manage life in all of it's changes and uncertainty and joy. Every day, I find ways to take yoga off the mat for myself and in turn, share it with my yoga students. Nothing feels better than integrating yoga into our lives. Rooting to Rise as sister Betsy reminds me.

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