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"Be Your Own Medicine"

Taking care of self

so that we can

take care of eachother.

My cousin Katie shared

"Be Your Own Medicine"

with me and I wanted

to share it with anyone

who might find this blog page.

Your Breath is your medicine

slow her, encourage her to widen, deepen and open you up from the inside. Let her reach the back body, bottom and corners of your lungs. Give her permission to exhale away from the worry. She is your humbled servant, available to you anytime and she will flow wherever you're open to receive her. Your breath is the most important medicine you have.

Your hands are medicine

Rub them together, activate your palm chakra's and rest the warmth of your healing hands anywhere on your body that feels fragile, depleted or tired. Touch is medicine.

Your sense of hearing is medicine

Music is healing, especially the music of nature. Fill your day with sounds, rhythmns and mantra's that nourish your soul. Practice the art of listening.

Your thoughts are your medicine.

Notice them often, choose thoughts that move you closer to where you want to be going, choose thoughts that rekindle your body. inhale thoughts that nourish. Your body will thank you, your cells will brighten.

How you hold your body is medicine

Stand tall. calm your space, ground through your toes and heels and souls of your feet. Lengthen your spine, balance your head evenly over the shoulders, shoulders over the hips, lift your heart. Breathe and repeat and keep releasing and receiving with the breath and keep opening.

Your spine is medicine

Move her in circular spirals. Flex forward and then backwards. Move life and energy through and around you.Keep releasing and receiving and opening.

Your eyes are medicine

Seek natural light. Turn away from screens, tense eyes equals tense mind and a tense body. Soften the space around the eyes, you will feel lighter, less burdened.

Your ability to rest is medicine.

Move away from multitasking. excessive thinking and doing. move closer to feeling and being. Be still and rest for 15 minutes a day. Turn awareness inwards, draw in your five senses and come back to your center. This is where your light shines.

Your ability to trust is medicine.

Trust that you can hear the healing needs of your body. Trust in the flow of life. Let go of the straight line

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