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Here are some of the sites, music and books/magazines that speak to me, inspire me,  move me spiritually and physically, that offer healing and yoga and beauty and wisdom and wonder. Enjoy and share and learn and teach so that we can make ourselves and our world a more mindful place.






     Yoga International

     Daily Cup of Yoga

     Yoga Anonymous

     The Cultureist

     My yoga online

     mind-body green

     yogi times

     elephant journal

     do you yoga

     project happiness

     scents of balance

     om collection

     straia yoga

     elena brower

     soul seeds

     the daily downward dog

     Rod Stryker


     Yoga Life Journey

     Positive Outlooks

     Om Shanti Clothing

     Lightworkers World



    Plum Village Mindfulness Practice Center


    Amrit Yoga Institute


The Art of Attention~Elena Brower

In The Meantime~Iyanla VanZant

A Year of Living Your Yoga~ Judith Lasater

The Heart of Yoga~ T.K.V. Desikachar

The Dalai Lama's Cat-David Mitchie

Moving Inward~ Rolf Sovik

Yoga Anatomy~ Leslie Kaminoff

a guide to the bodhisattva's way of life

keeping life simple-karen levine

don't sweat the small stuff its all small stuff)

creative visualizations~shakti gawain





Snatam Kaur

Tod Norlan

Deep Peace-music for yoga

Ocean of the Heart

Zen and the art of relaxation

Namaste Satori

Passport Music

Steve Cravis-Healiing Piano

Deuter Koyasan-Canyon Trilogy

Dean Evenson-Forest Rain, Sound Healing

Steven Halpern-music for sound healing

Susan Cianti-Go Gently

Paul Zaleski-Before the Dawn, In Time

Gerald Markoe-Zen Garden

Paradis-Spa Music

Happy Music-Daydreaming





Spiritiuality and Health

Shambala Sun

Yoga Journal

Tricycle: The Buddhist Review



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