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Balanced Buddha

As we all watched Jonas~Blizzard of 2016 arrive on January 22, slowly covering outdoor's dull winter colors with white, I found myself looking to the backyard where a Buddha statue stands on a stone wall. I placed him there years ago when I taught my yoga classes outside. Just the sight of him is calming. The snow began to collect on and around him and he remained still and balanced and present. Hours later, as the temperatures dropped, the wind picked up and dusk pervaded the backyard, there he stood unshaken. I thought of all of the preparations, anticipatory angst of an approaching blizzard, wondering about the total snow accumulations, changes in my routine that the blizzard would affect and my glance moved again to a Buddha statue quietly bowing, steady and balanced. Waking up the following morning and glancing again to a Buddha statue blanketed by white yet steady, rooted, unscathed by a blizzard. A friendly and necessary reminder to relax and enjoy, to let go of a thinking, inquisitive mind and move more toward just being as this Buddha does. Another reminder that we cannot affect what goes around us, only within us. Thank you Buddha statue for all of your lessons.



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